Our story

Green. Instant. Healthy.

To us it’s the simple things that matter. We believe simple habits create big movements. Both when it comes to your own health and our shared planet. Of all the edible things mother earth shaped, the tiny microalgae is perhaps the most complete source of nutrition. It’s super rich (in protein, vitamins and essential minerals and ought to be the world’s) favorite superfood. But to be honest the micro-algae forgot all about tasting good. So we gave ourselves one simple challenge: How do we turn this superfood into a well-tasting meal. One that preserves all the fabulous qualities of the algae, makes it convenient to eat and taste good too? Onemeal is what we came up with. An instant cup of green wellbeing developed by Michelin-starred chefs and nutrition experts to bring you a fast organic meal – your new little green habit.

Why go green

Chlorella and spirulina are a good source of macronutrients such as protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Studies indicate that they contain more beta-carotene than carrots, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, more chlorophyll than green leaves. So why not use microalgae more in our food and snacks? That is what we have done. Onemeal is rich in plant proteins and unsaturated plant oils. Science shows that diets high in protein and low in carbs have blood sugar stabilizing attributes. So our product is intended for the active modern consumer who wants a snack with no added sugar and refined fat - a green treat. You already know that eating a balanced diet low in refined sugar and high in protein and lots of vegetables supports good weight stability or even weight loss if you go that extra mile. We think Onemeal is great for replacing that unhealthy snack - something we have looked for ourselves.

When and where

During a busy workday, getting the right nutrition is often a challenge.

To maintain a healthy normal weight or even reduce calorie intake, it’s crucial to choose healthy alternatives to fast food. Onemeal fits perfectly as a quick in-between meal at the office or on-the-go. Especially during the afternoon where many people by default turn to that 5th/fifth cup of coffee, cake or run amok at the fruit bowl, Onemeal is ideal. Unlike these, Onemeal doesn’t send your blood sugar level and mood on a rollercoaster ride. Instead it stabilizes hunger and energy levels and keeps your performance at its best.

Future of food

With the earth’s population growth, it will be increasingly difficult to feed everyone.

Particularly getting the right nutrition with a high content of protein will pose a serious challenge to the global food production chain. With Onemeal consumers not only have the opportunity to have a product that is healthy, nutritious and tasty, it’s also organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Onemeal is:

  • Organic: grown without pesticides harmfull to producer, consumer and environment.
  • Meat free: less pressure on the world’s water reserves and lower emissions of CO2, methane and ammonia.
  • Globally consumable: Onemeal can be enjoyed regardless of religious, political and dietary constraints.
  • Adaptable: Possibility of customizing Onemeal to different circumstances. E.g. increasing the amount of calories in places where hunger and starvation is present compared to markets where obesity poses a threat to the general level of health.

Who is behind it

  • Francis Cardenau: Michelin awarded chef, restaurant owner and product developer
  • Mikkel Maarbjerg: Michelin awarded chef, food consultant and product developer
  • Nikolaj Kirk: Chef, food consultant and product developer
  • Henriette Cardenau: Vital coach
  • Christina Høgh Selmer Kirk: CEO, Director of Entrepreneurship and business developer, Cand.merc.jur and MBA in innovation


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